2014 Annual Report

Review of Operations

Global Network

In 2014, the international operations of HNZ Group employed some 700 skilled professionals at 34 locations. The Corporation’s fleet of over 120 helicopters performed assignments for multinationals, utilities, government agencies and military organizations. The onshore business is managed out of Canada, while the offshore business is managed out of New Zealand. Aircraft are routinely transferred between North America and the Southern Hemisphere to increase utilization and reduce the impact of seasonality.

North American Operations

In 2014, HNZ’s operations included helicopter transporation services, under the brand Canadian Helicopters, maintenance repair and overhaul through subsidiaries Heli-Welders and Nampa Valley Helicopters, and contracts with the Canadian military, and flight training operations. HNZ flew missions for customers in the resource sector, government and military from twenty-five bases in Canada. With nearly seven decades of experience and the ability to deliver services in every province and territory, the Corporation remains the country’s go-to provider of helicopter charter services.

Southern Hemisphere Operations

HNZ’s operations in the Southern Hemisphere included helicopter transportation services, the provision of contract crew, and aircraft leasing. Major flight activities included marine pilot transfer operations in the mining sector in Australia, offshore crew and cargo transport for the oil and gas sector in New Zealand and the Philippines, and environmental survey work in Antarctica and Australia.

Operations in Afghanistan

2014 capped five and a half successful years and over 60,000 accident-free hours flown supporting the US military in Afghanistan. Under demanding conditions, HNZ crews consistently demonstrated professionalism and skill as they flew support missions transporting personnel and materiel to forward operating locations. As of October 31, 2014, all contracts were completed and operations ceased. The three remaining aircraft have been redeployed and will be available for work or sale based on industry demand.